All models use USB 3.0 technology: the high-speed connection allows to copy, for example, a full-length movie in less than 1 minute The user interface for selling digital content is intuitive and easy-to- use: featuring fast and comfortable search by titles, recommendations, top-sales charts It is possible to burn digital content on discs without users presence: the customer pays for the content, goes away and comes back for the recorded discs The working area for the terminal via WiFi is more than 100 square meters


MediaKiosk is a unique opportunity for the retail chain to receive extra revenue and to attract new audience.

Getting extra revenue is possible due to:

  • attracting new audience;
  • effective use of floor space;
  • selling up to 10 mln. different digital content titles.

Effective use
of floor space

The terminal can be set up near the entrance or exit, in the entertainment or trade areas, in the places with the most customer traffic, behind checkout counters not suitable for sales before

  • Premium-model
    occupies 1 square meter of space
  • Smart- and Mini-models
    occupy 0.5 square meter of space

All versions are capable of selling up to 10 million multimedia content titles


  • Revenue up to 160 000 Euro per year from 1 terminal
  • Capability: up to 450 customers per day
    (one Premium-terminal) and up to 150 customers per day (one Smart or Mini terminal)


  • Impulse purchases: dynamic advertising on screens, banners in the interface
  • Effective advertising platform – due to touch-screen displays and advertising screens in Premium-models
  • The MediaKiosk platform adds extra value to retail chain image and brand

No extra expenses

  • The products are sold automatically – no additional personnel required
  • No tasks with stock-taking
  • No overstocking
  • No need to search for titles in a wide range of products


New sales channel advantages

We offer you to start multimedia content sales via MediaKiosk terminals chain right here and right now!

Full control over sales in
any MediaKiosk terminal:

  • Clear system of financial accounting and sales
  • A possibility to manage a range of products and pricing distantly with instantaneous update of the new titles
  • Planning sales in traditional retail based on MediaKiosk sales results
  • Online monitoring and sales analysis

new audience

New sales platform helps customers to make purchase decisions due to the available detailed information about each title (reviews, trailers, etc.)

  • MediaKiosk is available in places not used before for sales (entertainment areas, recreation spots, etc.)
  • MediaKiosk stimulates impulse purchases due to terminals placement, dynamic advertising on screens and interactive interface banners.

Cutting expenses and
getting extra revenue

There are no expenses on production of:

  • informational materials,
  • packaging,
  • logistics,
  • risks.

There is no need in qualified personnel.
Wide range of products not available in traditional retail: there is an opportunity to sell unprofitable titles via MediaKiosk also

Effective advertising platform

Placing advertising materials in the point of sales: video trailers on screens, interactive banners in the interface, informational leaflets, etc.